ILA Mission & Goals

Our mission is twofold: 

  1. Promote the personal and professional well-being of women: ILA promotes the idea of total well-being for women and encourages personal development and growth. ILA provides bespoke mentoring & educational programmes, personal development, healthy lifestyle and well-being programmes through our educational division ILA Academy.
  2. Support start-ups & existing businesses run by women: ILA supports and nurtures start-ups and existing businesses run by women. ILA is a support system & network which includes the women entrepreneurs, mentors and angel investors & venture capitalists + business incubators.

Our Goal: 

  • Create many wholesome successful leaders – by empowering women, by helping women to become successful entrepreneurs, by helping them to build careers they love, and offering support of a community
  • Influential Ladies’ Alliance (ILA) is a multinational organisation of inspirational & influential women from different industries and backgrounds who have a mission to create a global community of exceptional women who support each other and inspire and help other women.

Our Statement:

  • We are a non-profit private members’ association
  • We promote and support the physical, financial and social wellbeing of women worldwide
  • We support charitable causes that endeavor to improve the lives of women and children
  • We have built our community based on mutual respect and support
  • We have no religious or political affiliations
  • We support empowerment and encouragement of women

What we do

  • Values for ILA members
  • Networking events and social engagements within our global network
  • International business introductions
  • Mentoring and coaching programmes
  • Educational programmes, seminars and professional retreats
  • Support with overseas integration – a readymade network of like minded individuals with whom to engage
  • Access to an ever-expanding framework of knowledge and experience
  • The opportunities to partake in ILA’s charity and fundraising initiatives
  • The opportunity to promote within the network
  • The opportunity to become a mentor through ILA Academy, using your own experience and expertise to create positive impact upon the world.

What ILA does for others

  • Educational programmes, seminars and workshops
  • Mentoring and coaching programmes
  • Access to an inspiring community of successful entrepreneurs, social figures and business leaders
  • Relevant business introductions
  • Expert help with building and growing businesses
  • Access to an ever-expanding framework of knowledge and experience
  • The opportunity to partake in volunteering and fundraising initiatives
  • The opportunity to become a role model of the future

Our Members – The ILA Woman

The ILA woman is a successful entrepreneur, businessperson or inspirational social leader. ILA members hail from varied backgrounds and industries, united by a common desire to connect with like-minded individuals to share experience and expertise. ILA women have made their mark in the world and endeavour to help other women make theirs. The ILA woman is constantly seeking to develop and is a natural role model. The ILA woman is constantly striving to add value to the lives of others.