Business Communication

Communication is the most essential ingredient in your path to success. Effective entrepreneurs and business leaders speak a common language—they speak the language of results.

If you are wondering why your business isn’t growing as it should, this seminar is for you. Most people speak in generalities. Unconsciously they vocalize vague concepts that rarely lead to action.

Communication in Business gives you the feedback you need to make your conversation effective. When you learn the language of results, people listen. They hear the clarity and veracity of your words. You learn to speak right to the heart of the action. Other effective people take your words as commands they can trust.

This training provides 3-days of rehearsal in the dialogue of business. We interview you about your business and reflect how other people hear your words. You learn to describe unfolding events accurately and to make clear requests to get the outcomes you desire.

When you hear yourself as others hear you, your awareness expands. You discover powerful new ways to express your intention. Your words put people into action. Every conversation produces concrete results.

You can radically improve your business communication. All you need is 3 fun-filled days of rehearsal and role-play to synchronize your words and actions. Join us for the training you need to shift your game to a whole new level.

• Learn the hidden patterns of communication that structure the focus of all business conversations

• Master strategic intervention—the skill of upgrading the level of conversation between leaders

• Master professional scripts that identify you as a competent player in the game of business.

This is a course for business people, entrepreneurs and executives who can benefit from a deeper understanding of human dynamics and communication.

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