Coaching for Leaders

There is no joy on earth like leading a disciplined team. Great coaches inspire discipline. While whiners get upset, winners patiently manifest their intent by getting their way. This special 2-day event is where you go to develop pure intention.

Team spirit sets Southwest Airlines apart from all other companies in air travel, both in customer satisfaction and profits. The same can be said for Google, Starbucks, and any number of new rising stars in the corporate arena. Those businesses excel because they embrace a coaching culture in which all the players strive to bring out the best in one another.

There are plenty of coaches—maybe too many—offering their services to business leaders. But most coaching is theoretical and deals with ideas and interpretations. All too often coaching is made to resemble therapy sessions. But insights and warm feelings alone don’t get the kind of results you see in high performance organizations. Coaching for Leaders gives you the tools you need to coach your own teams and to coach other business leaders. You will learn real interventions that get real results. The depth of experience you gain in five days will set you a world apart from coaches around the world when it comes to inspiring people to reach their goals.

Effective leaders know how to get people into action. They can read the force of intent in their teams and unleash the magic of team spirit. Whether you lead a company or coach business leaders to high performance, you need coaching tools that actually work and you need the skills to apply those tools.

This course shows you how to:

Win the trust of your key players.

Put the attention of your team on events instead of divisive ideas.

Recognize and read the three engines of motivation.

Replace advice and criticism with accurate feedback.

Resolve costly conflicts.

Restore vision and vitality.

Refresh your perspective.

Be the kind of leader who inspires teams to greatness. Join us to raise your people skills to the same level as your business skills.

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