ILA Academy

ILA ACADEMY was founded by Natalia Faeh, an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, self-development trainer and transformational coach. Natalia is also founder and CEO of the Influential Ladies’ Alliance (ILA).

ILA members are accomplished women from varied professional backgrounds who are eager to share experiences and learn from one another’s inspiring stories. Our members are also role models to a younger generation of women.

Natalia created the ILA Academy after being inspired by all the knowledge sharing between ILA Members and created the ILA Academy as a result. Natalia’s aim is to take the knowledge sharing to a wider audience in order to inspire and transform more women’s lives, by sharing experience and success with others. Her mission is to empower and help people live their true potential.

ILA ACADEMY features a variety of workshops, seminars and retreats aimed at improving our members’ lives both personally and professionally. ILA Academy offers sessions that are exclusively for ILA members, and others are open to the public.

Please see our Events Calendar for the latest ILA Academy Seminars, Workshops and Events.


Our Academy workshops are focused on five key areas for your personal and professional development:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Relationships/communication
  • Wellbeing/spirituality
  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Transformational training

While universities do an adequate job at preparing you for your career with an education in history, sciences, liberal arts, and theoretical subjects, we understand that there is more to business and success, and personal satisfaction, that is often not taught in the classroom.

Drawing from real-life expertise, we have developed a series of workshops and seminars that are presented in a small, supportive group environment to help you develop the skills and inspiration you need to achieve true success.

Leading from the Heart

Journey to Yourself

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs require different strengths and skill-sets than a corporate careerist. First we help you identify your talents and purpose and then we help you develop your own unique action plan, focusing on your skills and talents and other assets, such as your resilience and inspiration that will be the outline for your personal and professional success.

Leadership: We help you define what leadership means to you – and help you put the steps in motion to achieve it. Leaders today are communicators who know how to cooperate across borders and bandwidths with a web of people who inspire one another to great achievements. We help you learn to lead without losing yourself.

Relationship/communication: Amazingly, there are not many schools or colleges that teaches people how to live and work together harmoniously. Plenty of courses exist to manage people and handle conflict. But ILA Academy provides in-depth, experiential training on the art of thriving in family and business systems. This curriculum can be confronting, as you begin to realize the limitations of your cultural and social programming, but the results you produce with the people you love and respect can be monumental.

Well- being/spirituality:  When your mind, body and soul is in harmony with your being, you create a happy life and you share your happiness with others. Spirituality helps to bring awareness to one’s connection to the universe and society at large. It can improve and add meaning to personal happiness in one’s life. ILA Academy offers seminars, workshops and retreats locally in cities like London and New York as well as retreats in beautiful destinations like Ibiza and Montenegro. Everything that will make you feel good physically, mentally and spiritually.

Coaching/ Mentoring: All top athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs hire professional coaches to train and inspire them. The most important part of their partnership comes through private conversations. The key to your success is finding the right coach — the one who brings out your highest and best qualities. When you want to improve your performance, lead your teams more effectively or resolve private issues, you can contact us to describe your needs, so that we can match you up with the coach who is right for you.

Below are some examples of Seminars and Courses:




Well-being/ Spirituality:


Please contact our team for scheduling private sessions:

Transformational trainings:



November 2015                                                         

26th – 29th LOVE AND MONEY – Ibiza € 1,500.00 single € 1,300.00 double

December 2015

5th – 6th HOW TO TALK TO MEN IN BUSINESS – Frankfurt € 525.00 no board

January 2016

19th (6-9PM) WHAT TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE; men & women – London

11th – 12th (6-9PM) LOVE AND MONEY; men and woman – London

February 2106

6th &  7th LEADING FROM THE HEART; women – London

10th (6-9PM) FIND YOUR TRUE CALLING – London


March 2016


22nd – 27th JOURNEY TO YOURSELF; men & women – Ibiza € 2,480.00 single € 1,880.00 double

April 2016

8th, 9th & 10th LEADERS JOURNEY; men & women – Ibiza € 1,500.00 single € 1,300.00 double

17th – 24th JOURNEY TO YOURSELF; women only – Ibiza € 3,200.00 single € 2,500.00 double

29th, 30th & 1st April LOVE AND MONEY – Ibiza € 1,300.00 single € 1,100.00 double

May 2016

3rd –  8th THE ART OF BEING A WOMAN – Ibiza € 2,480.00 single € 1,880.00

For more information on programs and other prices please email