ILA Talks

The Influential Ladies’ Alliance (ILA) hosts a series of talks, interviews and roundtables with inspirational women who have made an impact in their chosen field. With the ILA Talks, our mission is to spread these women’s knowledge and inspire millions of others.

ILA Founder and CEO Natalia Faeh launched an inaugural ILA Talk “Stories of success” featuring three successful women entrepreneurs, all founders and CEOs of thriving businesses. Each speaker shared her secrets to launching and growing successful sustainable business while pursuing your passions.

Featured speakers at the event included:

Rose Adkins is founder & chief executive officer of ScreenHits is an online platform for the screening and selling of TV and film content. The shows available in the screening room are provided by a select group of distributors and producers recommended by their buying community. The site is by invitation-only, which helps to curate and filter the best shows in the market and provides viewer feedback globally.

Rose Adkins has worked in senior executive positions at The Hollywood Reporter, Sundance Institute and Universal Pictures. After Universal Pictures, she oversaw all foreign distribution for Ralph Farquhar. Since 2008, she launched her own production company called TAG, The Adkins Group and most recently, ScreenHits where she is responsible for the vision, direction, business development and daily management of ScreenHits.


Tina Mashaalahi is the co-founder and COO at KweekWeek. She grew up in London where she graduated in civil engineering from UCL. A strong proponent of women entrepreneurship and charity work, Tina decided to leave Atkins and property development after a successful career to co-found KweekWeek. KweekWeek is a holistic events platform which connects event organizers and consumers in a single space. They offer promotion, ticketing, updates and recommendations on both desktop and mobile.


Katja Muelheim is a partner and managing director of Prestel&Partner, a leader in providing high profile conferences and meetings for Family Offices and UHNWI.

Katja Muelheim holds a master in business economics and worked for 12 years in leading functions within the German Savings banking sector. In 2010 Katja started together with a business partner a boutique conference company for UHNWI and Family Offices called Prestel & Partner. Within four years Prestel&Partner has managed to be recognized as one of the top Family Office Forum in Germany, UK, Mumbai and Switzerland and enjoys a growing popularity within the Family Office industry. 

Prestel&Partner is organizing high profile conferences exclusively for Family Offices and UHNWI. The purpose of the conferences is to facilitate the discussion of relevant topics and to promote networking and information exchange among peers.