Leader’s Journey

Leadership is the most important factor in successful companies. Most businesses eventually fail because the leaders know more about the business than about the people they lead.

Humans use their attention and energy to pursue their own agendas. They tend to work at cross-purposes. Lack of disciplined focus is by far the greatest cost in conducting business.

Imagine a sports team in which half of the players aren’t clear about the goal and the other half aren’t fully engaged in the game. The beleaguered manager keeps explaining the rules and offering instructions—to no avail.

Companies should function as teams. But they don’t—simply because owners, leaders, and managers don’t know how to motivate and align people.

To lead people you have to understand them. You have to read their unconscious intentions. Then you must speak to them in patterns of communication that reach beyond their mental and emotional perceptions.

You can’t learn about people by reading books. Humans are moved by 3 instinctive responses—curiosity, anger and anxiety.

To reach people at that level you must practice leadership communication with a mentor who can show you how to understand and activate instinctive intelligence.

Leaders Journey offers 5 days of behavioral rehearsal and profound exploration of the subconscious and autonomic processes that motivate people.

As you begin to discern the nature of desire you will naturally develop strategies to unify business, family, and social systems. You will develop character that will set you apart from regular managers.

The success of your venture and your career depends on the accuracy of your perceptions and on your ability to share your vision. We will demonstrate pattern recognition skills you can use to recognize complex human dynamics.

Forget about linguistic programming and motivational techniques that only last a few days. Learn to create a learning organization in which people gradually develop superior strategies. Open your eyes to see subtle interactions that are invisible to others.

If you want to mark your career with excellence, this is the course that will take you to the top of the field.

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