Members Code


1. ILA is a community based on mutual respect, trust, and care of one another.

2. Every ILA member is treated the same respectful way regardless of their cultural, ethnical

background, religious believes or political preferences.

3. We honor and cherish ILA sisterhood and our friendship.

4. ILA members never speak ill of other ILA members inside or outside of the community.

5. ILA members are always open to help and support each other. ILA members do their best

to support other members in time of distress.

6. We maintain confidentiality amongst all ILA members. ILA members do not share any

information they learn about members with outside parties without getting a formal

7. We accept the differences in opinions, despite any differences we all have similar dreams,

needs, and aspire to achieve wellbeing and harmony.

8. We respect our elders and support the younger generation.

10. ILA member is always open to learn and acquire new knowledge.

11. We love and stand up for peace and harmony in the world.

12. ILA member is a woman of honor and honesty. She is a woman on purpose, she helps and

13. We honor femininity and grace.

14. ILA member encourages other members to follow ILA code.