You are much more than you can possibly imagine.

Lowly caterpillars crawl through life. Progress is slow and tedious. Birds, lizards, and other animals feast on them. Nevertheless, a few of these humble insects endure long enough to build a cocoon and go into hibernation. Imagine the shift in awareness when they awaken in a new body, replete with wings and a desire to fly. The butterfly is one of the most beautiful creatures in all of nature. Metamorphosis is real transformation.

If you have fulfilled the first phase of your life, you are ready to transform into the person you are meant to be. Mia Sage created Metamorphosis for those who are ready to commit to living life to the fullest.

Our training team will assist you to melt down the lowly crawling identity you have formed so you can emerge with wings and with a new sense of purpose.

You need regular coaching interviews to keep your life and career on track. Metamorphosis provides 3 monthly weekend seminars.

We challenge you to achieve one major miracle each month, together with your teammates. During the interviews you chart your course and refine your navigation. Teammates hold each other accountable regularly to ensure the results you promised.

Have you done what you came here to do? Have you sung, danced, and played? Have you made your contribution? Have you lived your dream? When the end comes, will you transcend life knowing that you gave it everything?

Thanks to Natalia’s meticulous nature it is a superbly organized series of adventures that you will share with other highly committed people.

We created this seminar series because transforming people brings us great joy. You can apply for this life-changing event by emailing: or